2 Tier White Chocolate Buttercream

November 16, 2009

November 2009

This was my very first attempt at a cake with multiple tiers!! I am planning to do a cake like this for an event in a couple of months, so I wanted to practice first. This is a plain yellow cake (from a box, a packet of vanilla pudding added) with canned chocolate icing for the filling and the dots. The frosting is Wilton’s white chocolate buttercream. I tinted most of it with brown and then did the border with kelly green. The icing doesn’t taste like chocolate really. It just tastes like normal buttercream. But it was thinner than the frosting I usually use and it was much easier to work with. I need to try to get all my icings to a thinner consistency I think.

The shell border was also a success. The first time I tried it (on the disasterous 4th of July cake) the icing was too stiff. Again, the thinner consistency worked for me!

I bought a 10″ pan for the bottom layer, but it looked monsterous to me, so I used an 8″ instead (the top is 6″). The 8″ looks a bit too small, but I’m not sure if I’d want to go all the way up to 10″ next time. Maybe I should invest in some 9″ pans (and an additional kitchen in which to store my growing arsenal of cake stuff). The 6″ pans are new and I love them – they are Wilton’s brand.

Overall, I am pleased with this attempt! The cake is a little off center and uneven, but not bad for a first attempt!

Halloween Cupcakes

November 1, 2009

HW 007_c

October 2009

The Jack-O-Lantern cupcakes are chocolate cake (box mix, with a packet of pudding added). The icing is Wilton’s buttercream and I used the Wilton gel colors to make the orange and green. This was the first time I had used a leaf tip – I think I need more practice! For the “face” I used a can of pre-made frosting and mixed in 1/2 tsp (plus a tiny bit more) of black liquid food coloring.

The Spider Web cupcakes are the same chocolate cake as above, and the same icing recipe, only tinted purple. The spider webs are made of melted white chocolate chips. I melted them in the microwave and then piped it over an outline of a spider web. Then chilled it for 10 minutes in the fridge. (I discovered when I tried to “practice” this with some semi-sweet chocolate chips the day before that this does not work with regular chocolate, only white! Regular will melt again when taken out of the fridge.)