Nicki's Christmas Carrot Cake

December 28, 2009

December 2009

Nicki asked me if I would make her a carrot cake that she could serve on Christmas Eve. And she offered to be my first official customer and pay me to make and deliver the cake for her. So I was very excited to do this – and nervous, because if she was paying for this, then I wanted it to come out really well! I asked my friends for a carrot cake recipe and Wawa pointed me to this recipe from one of her favorite blogs, SmittenKitchen. The cake was very good, I will definitely keep this recipe. It was difficult to slice though. I had originally planned to slice each of the layers into 2 thinner layers, but that wasn’t working due to the texture of this cake. But no matter! I used my standard cream cheese icing recipe and that came out well also. I finished it with a silk poinsettia and berry stem I got from Michaels and voila – my first sold cake!!

I will beĀ  making 2 more “event” cakes (that I know of) in the next couple of months, so I am very excited about those as well!!