Annie's Baptism

May 2010

A friend of mine, Krissy, had a beautiful baby girl in January, Annie. (I made the jungle shower cake for one of Krissy’s showers.) Annie’s baptism was this weekend and Krissy asked me to make a pretty pink and white cake for her girl!

We decided to go with my standard yellow cake recipe and vanilla buttercream icing. I did an 11×15 sheet cake (I have now added this size pan to my arsenal!) and it was 2 (skinny) layers. I wasn’t sure how much cake batter I would need for this size pan and I thought I had determined that one batch which would normally fill 2 8″ or 9″ pans would be sufficient, but it made for a very skinny cake. If I had wanted to do just a single layer cake, I would have had to have made a double batch for the pan. Noted for next time!

I made the decorations out of fondant. I bought Wilton’s ready made white fondant and tinted it with Wilton’s Pink gel color. I cut out the cross with a knife and a ruler and I used a cookie cutter for the flowers. I made a triple batch of vanilla buttercream icing and had a little left over.

The only issue I had with this cake was the lettering. I tried to use my letter fondant cutters, but they are tricky. The fondant is so hard to get out of the cutters and I ended up giving up and deciding to write on the cake with the icing. I need some practice with my writing! It always looks too child-like to me. Maybe because I’m not used to writing in cursive? Anyway, more practice is needed 🙂


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