Margarita Cupcakes

May 2010

I found myself with a weekend completely free of any plans or commitments – bliss! I hadn’t planned on baking, but I couldn’t resist 🙂

I was reading Annie’s Eats and found a recipe for margarita cupcakes. I love margaritas and of course I love cupcakes so this was a no brainer. I actually used my standard yellow cake recipe (Wilton’s) instead of the recipe on the blog because I knew I had all the ingredients on hand. I just left out the vanilla extract and added about a teaspoon of lime juice and a teaspoon of lime zest (this was for a 1/4 recipe).

The frosting is basically Martha Stewart’s Swiss Meringue Buttercream – but with lime juice and tequila added. The first time I made this icing, it was honestly too buttery for my taste. This time, with the added lime juice, and the slightly different ratio of butter to sugar, I thought it was an improvement! Of course, it’s all a matter of your preference.

As Annie notes in her blog, the tequila flavor really doesn’t come through. She recommended brushing the cupcakes with tequila, but I opted not to do that. I’m not a huge fan of alcohol in desserts so I was worried it may be too much. I did like her idea to make a simple syrup with the tequila, but for this time, I just added it to the icing.


2 Responses to Margarita Cupcakes

  1. […] an adapted Swiss Meringue buttercream. I started with the same adapted recipe that I used for the Margarita Cupcakes (Annie’s Eats, adapted from Martha Stewart’s recipe). I had planned to replace the […]

  2. […] decided to make margarita cupcakes. I made them last summer and they’re fresh and summery and they look pretty too. I used my basic yellow cake recipe and […]

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