Reagan's Christening

June 2010

It’s amazing how Facebook can reconnect people. April and I were very good friends waaaaaay back in elementary and middle school and into high school. Fast forward, oh, 13 years or so and we got back in touch via Facebook. It turns out that April got married the week after I did and now she and her husband have just welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Reagan Kathryn. And that’s where the cake comes in…

Reagan’s christening is this weekend and April asked me to make a cake for the occasion. Luckily, I had just made another christening cake last month, so I was able to reuse the basic design. April asked for carrot cake with cream cheese icing – yay! I love this combination for two reasons: 1) both the cake recipe and the icing recipe are so good (in my opinion anyway!), and 2) the cream cheese icing is really easy to work with. April also asked for something very plain – she said she liked white and ivory and she said I could also throw in pale pink.

So first up was two batches of the carrot cake recipe to make two 11×15 sheet cakes. I also made a triple batch of my go-to cream cheese icing recipe. At some point during this process, I also rolled out some plain white fondant and cut out a cross. And then came the letters. I had tried to do letters for the last christening cake, but I was having so much trouble getting the fondant out of the cutters that I just gave up. This time, I tried dusting the cutters with cornstarch and rolling the fondant pretty thin. This seemed to work much better!

I originally had white letters on the cake to go with the white/ivory theme. But I was afraid they wouldn’t stand out well enough. So I tried outlining them with some pink tinted icing, but that just made it worse! So I tinted some fondant pink and cut out a new batch of letters and I think the pink looks better.

So my second christening cake is complete! I hope April and her family like it 🙂


2 Responses to Reagan's Christening

  1. Kate michaels says:

    We loved the cake Sarah…beautiful and delicious. Wish I had a piece now. So glad you and April re- connected.

  2. […] about making a cake for her daughter’s baptism. Nearly 3 years ago, I made the cake for her older daughter, Reagan’s, baptism, and I love when I get to make cakes for multiple events in the same family, so I happily took on […]

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