A Plan for the Basement

August 2010

Our basement project has been underway now for about 5 months. Only 10 months to go! 🙂 As of now, the plumbing rough-in is complete, the framing is complete (-ish), and we are due to have the electrical run and the bathtub installed within a week (again, -ish). We are making progress!! And I use the word “we” loosely – I haven’t really done anything besides add up all the money we’ve spent (eek!) and draw up some nifty diagrams of our plans.

The picture posted above (click on it for a larger view) is a good representation of the plan for our basement. And it’s pretty much to scale. I used FloorPlanner to make this drawing (shown here in 3D, but it was originally created in 2D). I found out about this program from someone on the Nest (I think) and I really like it, especially because it’s free!

We are thrilled to be adding a full bath (our 3 bedroom town house has only 1 full bath upstairs, and a 1/2 bath on the main level). This will also make it possible to remodel our upstairs bath at a later date, since we’ll now have a “spare” in the basement.

We are also putting in a gas fireplace. Our townhouse is an interior unit (not an end unit) so we don’t have that 3rd exterior wall to work with . The fireplace will vent out through the back wall of our home. We considered “vent-free” fireplaces at the very beginning of this project, but their safety was in question, so we decided to go with a vented version.

We are very excited about the extra living space this remodel will provide. We are envisioning this as our main recreation area, where we will spend time watching TV/movies or hanging out. Since the TV will be mounted on the wall (in the picture, bottom right) we will need some furniture on that side of the room. We have a couch that we are tentatively planning to put opposite the TV, but I think we also need at least one other seat and a table (or two?). I admit that this configuration is throwing me for a loop. It’s a small area on this side of the room – approximately 12ft by 7ft, though the 7ft side is flexible sticking out into the room. All I know right now is that I don’t want what we currently have in our living room upstairs which is too much furniture for the space. I’m thinking a couch, a coffee table, and possibly a recliner (Bill has expressed interest in this). And then something for the wall adjacent to the TV…shallow shelving?? cubbies with baskets?? (Bill might not like that, I don’t think he’s a fan of baskets.) None of the rooms in our house are “done” or really decorated in anyway. We have a mismash of stuff in every room. But this basement, starting from scratch, is overwhelming.


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