The Nightstand Scam

August 2010

Bill and I bought our current Queen sized bed about 2.5 years ago. We went to tons of furniture stores, but couldn’t find what we were looking for. We finally found a bed we liked from an online vendor for a steal of a price (I want to say it was around $300). The ordeal of actually getting the bed and all of the pieces to our house took about a month and we did have to get the BBB involved, so it was not easy. But we lucked out because we do really like our bed. And though they aren’t pictured here, the bed has 4 large drawers on the bottom for extra storage.

[photo credit]

Now that we are happy with our bed, I would like to have a set of nightstands to go with it – one for each of us. Below is the nightstand that matches our bed. I’m not a huge fan of it really – the lines are a little…dainty? I don’t feel like it’s a good match for the bed.

[photo credit]

Here’s where the “scam” comes in. Nightstands are outrageously expensive. They jack up the price on these things because they can. If you want a matching set, you have to pay out the a** for it. This matching nightstand costs $370. And we need two, so that would be $740, plus shipping because this is online, so easily $800 for nightstands. We only paid $300 for the whole bed!

I refuse to fall victim to this scam, so I have been on the hunt for nightstands to go with our bed for about the past 2 years. I figured that our bed was plain enough that I could find something that would “go” with the bed, even if it wasn’t technically part of the same set. And ideally, I wanted to spend less than $150 per stand. I knew that matching the stain would be the hardest part, especially if I bought online. I looked around in many actual stores at nightstands, end tables, printer carts, and telephone tables and I didn’t find anything that A) matched, and B) was in my price range. I would prefer real wood for these, but I was willing to go with veneer as long as it looked nice.

Enter Target. I found the below pictured Dolce Nightstand online at Target for $119.99 – with free shipping. Score!! Free shipping and if it didn’t match I could just return it to the store and not have to eat any costs. Now even though the color in this picture doesn’t look like it matches the picture of the bed, it actually was a very close match to what the bed looks like in reality.

[photo credit]

Unfortunately, the nightstand arrived, and though it was beautiful (real wood) it was much darker than the picture and did not match the bed at all. I knew this was a possibility because it is very hard to match colors online, but I took a chance and it didn’t work out. And I was bitterly disappointed – I really LOVED this one. I thought it was a perfect match in style to our bed. Even looking at it again makes me sad/angry!

More than 6 months later, I found this one online from Walmart for $109 for a pair of them, and again free shipping. I know what you’re thinking – these don’t look like they’ll match at all!! Well when I held this picture up to the wood on our bed, it looked pretty close, so I took a chance.

[photo credit]

They arrived yesterday and when I finally opened the box and took a piece of it up to the bedroom to see if it matched…it didn’t. It was closer than the one from Target, and annoyingly the underside of the pieces matched well, not not the polished fronts. I angrily stuffed the pieces back in the box and exclaimed (inwardly) that I give up!! I will never find nightstands and I will never buy one online again hoping it matches.

And yet this morning I was online searching again. Will I never learn? I may or may not find something else I want to take a risk on, but it may end up coming down to this:

[photo credit]

Or this:

[photo credit]

At this point, building them myself would be kind of ideal. I’d get exactly what I want, I could stain it to the exact color, and it would be immensely cheaper than anything else. If only I had excellent building skills.


4 Responses to The Nightstand Scam

  1. Wawa says:

    Wait, bedroom furniture is supposed to match? Crap, I’ve been doing it all wrong with my “fruitwood” veneer walmart nightstands and beech ikea (hand-me-down) bed frame.

    My nightstands match one of our three dressers at least! (lets not talk about the other two…which do not match each other. Or the bed.)

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