Christmas Cookies 2010

First of all, I’m going to admit that I stole this picture straight from my sister-in-law’s blog. But I’m not sorry and here’s why. First of all, we made the above pictured cookies together and knew we’d both blog about them and both use the same pictures. And more importantly, I actually took this picture, so I see no problem with posting it here 🙂

Every year for the past, hmm, 4 years my mother-in-law has invited me and my sister-in-law over to bake Christmas cookies in early December. Our husbands (her sons) are invited too (and this goes back to when they were just boyfriends). The manly men are tasked with hauling the Christmas tree up from the basement, fighting with strings of lights, and putting on all the ornaments while we women-folk don aprons and bake a ton of cookies. Okay so maybe I forgot my apron this year, but still. It’s a very 1950’s-ish division of labor (is putting up ornaments manly though?) but it works!

We have always made the traditional “cookie cutter cookies”. Growing up, I made them as sugar cookies, but these are shortbread. I think I prefer the taste of the shortbread, and I think they bake better, but the sugar cookie dough seemed to hold up better and allow for a greater variety of cookie cutters to be used on it. We had a bit of trouble with the dough for these, but they came out well and were very tasty! I get teased a little because I like to make my cookies “fancy” and arrange the sprinkles in a certain way. Not on every cookie, but for a couple, I make them special 🙂

Peanut blossoms are also always a staple. I never made this cookie growing up, and I’m sorry I missed out!! My husband, father- and brother-in-law would riot if these weren’t in the line up so we do a double batch every year and they vanish just like that!

The third cookie this year was oatmeal chocolate chip craisin cookies. I kept saying that while they are delicious, they aren’t really Christmas-y. And while that’s true (in my opinion) why are any of the cookies we make Christmas-y?? I mean sure, the cookie cutter ones are in Christmas shapes and colors, so they count. But peanut blossoms? What makes them Christmas-y other than tradition? Nothing. So fine – oatmeal chocolate chip craisin cookies have been made 2 out of 4 years, so I guess they are Christmas-y now 🙂

This is a really long blog post, but I have one more comment regarding cookies that were skipped. My mom always makes caterpillar cookies (Russian tea cakes, Mexican wedding cakes – pick a nationality, they’re all basically the same cookie). Those are Christmas-y in my mind (again, probably only because of tradition) so I’m thinking of making a batch on my own maybe this weekend. And last year we also made raspberry thumbprint cookies, which for some reason seem holiday-ish, but I’m not sure why. They are delicious though, so maybe a batch of those is in order too.


One Response to Christmas Cookies 2010

  1. Jen says:

    I officially endorse your suggestion of caterpillar cookies for next year. They sound YUMMY. Please save me one from your batch so I can try them!

    And we’re going to have to figure out a way to rotate these “traditions” or we’ll find ourselves baking 10 different kinds of cookies in a couple of years! Do you think they’d let us skip the peanut blossoms or would we be shunned for suggesting it?

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