Bumble Bees for a Baby Boy

Way back in October, my friend Lindsey asked me if I’d be interested in making some cupcakes for a baby shower she was hosting in early December. (The above picture was taken by Lindsey.) She sent me this picture of the cupcakes she wanted to recreate.


We agreed that I would make the cupcakes, and Lindsey (aka hostess/entertainer extraordinaire!) would make the cute little bees.

I made 2 dozen yellow cupcakes using my normal yellow cake recipe and I baked them in royal blue liners. I made a double batch of vanilla buttercream and colored it using Wilton’s Lemon Yellow gel. I also added about 2 tablespoons of honey. I added the honey a couple teaspoons at a time and then tasted. I wanted to be able to taste the honey, but I didn’t want it to overpower or add too much extra sweetness.

I piped the yellow icing in rings using a medium sized round tip (Wilton #12). In the inspiration picture, it looks like they might have piped blobs instead of rings, but I have learned that you need a SUPER extra large tip for that and the biggest I have is an extra large one. So rings it was.


5 Responses to Bumble Bees for a Baby Boy

  1. Jen says:

    They’re adorable!

  2. alecia says:

    how do you make the bee?

    • skmac31 says:

      The hostess for this shower was the one who actually made the bees and I believe she just used chocolate covered peanuts and attached almond slivers with tiny dabs of icing. The bees in the inspiration pic look to be made of fondant.

  3. Barbara Sprague says:

    These and all the other cakes you have done are brilliant!!

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