Butterflies for Ella’s 2nd

A fellow Nestie, Kathryn, asked me to make a birthday cake for her daughter’s 2nd birthday in mid-December. She asked for a half sheet cake with 3D butterflies.

Prior to this cake, I only owned one 11×15 cake pan because I wasn’t sure it’d be worth it to have two. But being able to bake two at a time is definitely a time saver, so I picked up a second pan before I made this cake.

I made 2 recipes of a basic yellow cake (one for each pan), plus a single recipe of chocolate ganache for the filling, and a triple recipe of cream cheese icing to cover the cake.

For the butterflies, I used a technique that I’ve used before from Hello, Cupcake! – and instructions from Annie’s Eats. I used pink candy melts to make the wings, and then I sprinkled on some pearl decors. I used mini marshmallows to make the wings stand up on the cake.

I’m told that the cake was a hit with the adults and the birthday girl munched on butterfly wings, so that sounds like a success to me 🙂

One Response to Butterflies for Ella’s 2nd

  1. Kathryn says:

    Loved it!

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