An early Birthday Gift from my sneaky husband

One afternoon earlier this week, Bill and I had an appointment to visit a daycare center. Since we were both off early from work, he asked if I’d like to go pick out my birthday gift after the appointment. Of course he wouldn’t tell me what it was or where we were going, but that’s how he rolls – he likes to be cute and sneaky 🙂

So we drive out to Finksburg which is about 10 miles north of where we live and we pull up to some random little store on the side of the highway. (Not sure if Rt 140 is considered a highway, but it’s farm country up there, so it’s about as highway as it gets!) Still having no clue what we’re doing, I see the sign that says Bare Wood House: Fine Unfinished Furniture.  Eek!! We’re here for nightstands!! Trying to hide my smile, I lie when Bill asks me if I know why we’re here. “Maybe”, I say. Just in case he brought me here for some other type of furniture (which I also would have loved).

If you’re not sure why I’d be so excited over nightstands, check out my previous post describing my years long battle to obtain nightstands that match our bed and don’t cost a fortune.

Anyway, we were indeed there for nightstands. It turns out that his original plan was to get the stands, stain them and set them up in our room to surprise me on my birthday. While that would have been awesome, it didn’t turn out to be feasible since he’s been so busy working on the basement this past month and hasn’t had much time. So what he did was reserve 2 nightstands for me (last weekend), but wasn’t sure if I’d like them and he wasn’t sure about them himself. So we ended up picking out another style and placing an order for 2 of these:

It’s a nice, plain, basic nightstand that had a drawer and an enclosed shelf, which is what I was looking for. And buying them unfinished solves the problem of trying to match the stain to the stain on our bed. I mean, we still have to buy a jar of stain in the right color and stain these things, but this way we are not limited to searching for something already stained.

When I add up the cost of these nightstands, plus the stain and materials we’ll need to stain them, we will be saving $450+ over buying the ones that “officially” match our bed. Definite score, and THANK YOU to my husband for the great gift! I will update once we have them stained and set up!


3 Responses to An early Birthday Gift from my sneaky husband

  1. Joan says:

    Jealous! I need to find something like this except living in an apartment with no outdoor space I have nowhere to paint them…

    • skmac31 says:

      When I lived in an apartment, I stained a bookshelf on my balcony. But if there’s no balcony, then yeah it might be tricky :/

  2. […] my ridiculous mission/obsession with nightstands you can catch up with these two posts here and here. If you don’t care about my mission, I don’t blame you, but you might want to skip this […]

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