Homemade Samoas

Last month I saw a post from Christine’s Cuisine come up in my Reader for homemade Samoas. I immediately thought of my husband since Samoas are his favorite Girl Scout cookie. I am personally not a huge fan of them due to the coconut, but they also have shortbread, chocolate and caramel and I really can’t argue with any of those! Anyway, I decided that these would be a good Valentine’s Day gift for my husband.

So I made these up on Sunday – with my husband in the next room. He knew I was baking something for him, but I’m not sure if he figured out what they were or not. I found these very time consuming to make. They basically had to be done in 4 steps, and following each step there was a cooling period, either on the counter or in the fridge/freezer.

The recipe can be found here on Christine’s site. But here is a basic run-down of the process.

First up is mixing up a simple shortbread cookie dough. No problem in the mixer, but the recipe said the dough would be crumbly like wet sand and mine was very, very sticky and not crumbly at all. Maybe I over mixed the dough, but the cookie still tasted great, so it was fine.

No problems with the coconut or caramel, though those little caramels were frustratingly difficult to get out of their little wrappers!

After the cookies are cut into bars, you were supposed to dip them in melted chocolate. I tried this and found it was kind of a mess since the bottom of the cookie was a little crumbly. I ended up “frosting” the bottom of the cookie with a knife.

After a few minutes in the freezer I drizzled the chocolate on top and they actually came out looking really cute. And aside from the square shape, they really do look like Samoas!


One Response to Homemade Samoas

  1. Jen says:

    If Dave sees this, I’ll be baking this weekend…

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