Testing 1,2,3…

March 13, 2011

As I am trying to pick a paint color for the majority of our basement, it ocurrs to me that I don’t think I’ve really ever done this before. Bill seems content to let me pick out the color on my own, which does simplify the situation and avoid a potential fight over colors.

I started out with half a dozen paint chips that I taped to the wall and scrutinized for several days. I was going for a neutral gray with a touch of green in it. I ruled out a few and determined that on the whole, my choices were too dark, and not green enough. So we went back to Home Depot and I got another batch of samples that were both lighter and slightly more green. After those were on the wall for a few days, I narrowed it down to three.


[Photos from Home Depot

Glidden’s White Sage (my favorite), Behr’s Ocean Foam (Bill’s favorite), and Martha Stewart’s Fossil (another top contender to round out the top 3). Another Saturday night trip to Home Depot and I scored 3 little tester jars (best idea ever at $3 each!). I got all 3 colors color-matched to Behr’s flat paint.

I painted 3 large test squares on the wall and after they dried, I took pictures. We have very little natural light in this room because it’s a basement, and though there is a sliding glass door in the room, it’s under the deck in our backyard so not a whole lot of light gets in. So here is what the colors looked like with the lights on in the room.

And the winner is…White Sage (left)! This was my favorite of the 3 when they were just chips and I was happy to see that it was still a winner. Bill’s favorite (right) was, as I suspected, too green. Not that I don’t like the color – our guest room color is very similar to this – it’s just not what I was going for for this room. And the middle color was too beige, not green enough.

So now that that decision is made, I need to head to Lowes to make a final choice on floor tile for the bathroom and then choose a brownish-gray paint color for the bathroom. We will be doing the painting in 2 weeks, so that’s how much time I have left to decide!