Baby Mac’s Baby Shower

At the beginning of April, my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law hosted a fantastic baby shower for me and Baby Mac. I was really looking forward to this shower, but when it was over, I was even more overwhelmed with what a great job the hostesses did and how thankful I was (and am!) to spend time with my friends and family and to be showered with such generous gifts.

There were several cute games – most of them going on in the background, which is just how I like baby shower games to be!

People placed bets on when Baby Mac would arrive. My sister-in-law generously has me going 4 days early, while I think my aunt had me going 12 days late (ugh).

There was also a gift bingo game and a giant bag of diapers where the guests had to guess how many were in there. I got to keep the diapers (and omg they are tiny!!).

A cute clothesline of advice and well wishes from everyone.

There was a table full of ham and cheese croissants, pasta salad, fruit salad, and some other yummies. And cake of course.

There was this diaper cake made by my friend Jeanne. Not until I dismantled it later did I realize just how much stuff was in there!!

A huge pile of gifts!

And lots of friends and family there to celebrate with me 🙂

My sister, me, and my mom.

The grandmothers and me.

The Breton Girls. Me and my roommates from UMBC, plus our kids – mine still in utero obviously, and Nicki’s about to turn 4!


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