Nightstands: The Conclusion


If you’re not familiar with my ridiculous mission/obsession with nightstands you can catch up with these two posts here and here. If you don’t care about my mission, I don’t blame you, but you might want to skip this post in that case 🙂

It’s been about 3+ years since we bought our bed and we now finally have 2 matching nightstands to go with it. As Bill said “we have real matching furniture now…like adults”. And it’s true that this is pretty much the only room in the house where we have new furniture that matches.

You’ll remember from my last post that Bill bought me 2 unfinished nightstands for my birthday earlier this year. Once we picked them up, we went to Home Depot in search of a stain that would match our bed. We picked out 2 jars of stain and Bill took the stands to his parents’ garage to test out the stains with his dad’s help.

Somehow, Bill’s dad ended up adopting this project and made it his mission to match the color perfectly. He tested each of the samples we had purchased and of course neither of them were even close just because the stain looks so different depending on what kind of wood you’re staining.  So over the course of a couple months, Bill’s dad tried out various stain samples and even mixed different colors together to try to find the perfect match. He finally gave us 2 to choose from and we picked one that we thought was pretty damn close to the bed color. But even then, Bill’s dad wasn’t totally convinced. He mixed up yet another color, stained both stands, and added a coat of polyurethane.

They look FANTASTIC. They seriously match the bed exactly. I took several pictures in an attempt to accurately represent what the colors look like and this one is the best I got. The stands came with wooden knobs, but I think one of them got lost in the shuffle, so I picked up 2 knobs at Home Depot in a “Venetian Bronze” finish that matches our lamps. They look great and I am SO happy with them!!

A million thanks to my father-in-law for taking on this project for us 🙂

**I wrote this post back in May but then I got sidetracked by the small matter of having a baby and so I’m just getting around to posting this now 🙂


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