New hair. Mom hair?

Around the time I was getting married, it was sort of a trend to get a “wife hair cut” soon after getting married. A lot of times it was because girls had been growing their hair out for their weddings for styling purposes and now they wanted a cut. I did get a “wife cut” but not because I had been growing my hair out. It was just ridiculously long and I needed a fresh cut.

Now it seems it’s also something of a trend to get a “mom cut” which I guess is even shorter than the “wife cut”. I’m not sure I was necessarily going for a mom-ish hair style, but I needed something new. My hair is always very blah, in part because I do not have the time or inclination to do very much with it.

Here’s a picture of me (and the wee one!) from this past weekend. Frustratingly, my hair is wavy and if it’s not blow dried, straightened, etc it looks like this:

So I did a Google search and came up with this picture of a style I liked (thank you Nicole Richie). I was nervous because it’s much shorter than my hair usually is. But I talked to my sister and she said YOUSHOULDJUSTDOIT, so I did 🙂

I took the picture to Hair Cuttery. Yes, Hair Cuttery – I am high class. I don’t have a normal hair salon or stylist and haven’t for about a decade. I like just being able to walk in and the one near my house has always done a good job. The stylist was nice and helpful. She did agree with me a little too enthusiastically that I need to dye my hair ASAP. Yes, I know, but I have a 3.5 month old and large blocks of free time are pretty rare these days. Then she tried to sell me on highlights. “They’d look so good on you!!” Yeah, they probably would, but then I’d need to maintain them (and finance them). For now I’ll stick to dying my hair at home, thanks.

So back to the hair cut. Here’s how it turned out!

Not nearly as glamorous as Nicole’s but it’s cute and light and I really like it. We’ll see how it goes styling it on my own. Hopefully it won’t be too bad!


2 Responses to New hair. Mom hair?

  1. Jen B says:

    That’s so cute! I wanted bangs like that but my hair is too thin, so now I am jealous of your awesome swoopy bangs.

    You look fantastic! And ignore the stylist, your color is fine and who has time to maintain highlights anyway?

    • skmac31 says:

      Thanks!! And the stylist is right about my color – I need to dye it badly. But really, not everyone has lots of time and money to maintain highlights, and I seriously don’t. I wish I did, but I’ll have to pass on that for now :p

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