Anniversary Cupcakes

My neighbor, Megan, asked me to make some cupcakes for her in-law’s 39th wedding anniversary. I was happy to take this on for a couple reasons. 1) I don’t get to bake much these days but I’d like to. 2) It was a relatively simple order. 3) No stressful drive to deliver the order hoping nothing falls over in the car!!

Megan asked for 2 dozen cupcakes: chocolate cake with almond buttercream icing. She wanted pearl decorations and letters on each cupcake to spell out “HAPPY 39TH ANNIVERSARY”.

I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes using Hershey’s recipe and it came out to a perfect 24. I made up 2 batches of buttercream icing and I replaced the vanilla extract with almond extract.

I cut letters out of fondant that I colored purple and one went on each cupcake.

Since I had 4 extra cupcakes (to make a round 2 dozen) Megan asked that I make 2 each for her niece and nephew (who are toddlers). She said “something girly like butterflies” and “any animal” so I ended up with a pink and purple butterfly for the girl and a lion for the boy. This part is what took the most amount of time out of everything. It wasn’t difficult, just time consuming with lots of tiny parts to cut out and arrange.

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  1. […] recipe found in this post from Annie’s Eats. I had some leftover almond buttercream from the anniversary cupcakes I had made the week before so I just used that. I think the almond flavor was a lot stronger after […]

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