Moments of Clarity

Every now and then it hits me. OMG I HAVE A BABY. A BABY. I’m somebody’s mother. It’s absolutely surreal.

Right after Caelan was born, and even now almost 8 (!) months later, Bill and I will randomly whisper to each other incredulously: “Hon…we have a baby. We made him out of nothing.” Now we joke that we made him out of macaroni & cheese and Subway, with some iced tea thrown in there too (yeah we’re healthy).

Now that he’s getting older, I’m catching more and more glimpses of familiar in his face and expressions. I think he looks like Bill, but I think a lot of his facial expressions and mannerisms are like mine.

Before you get annoyed with my gushing, let me assure you that we are not always basking in the warm comforting glow of parenthood. And to answer my family’s often-asked question…No, we do not just sit around and stare at the baby all the time! Most of the time we are just doing normal everyday stuff. We cook dinner, wash dishes and bottles, fold laundry in front of the TV, wrestle a baby into a clean diaper while he tries to crawl off the changing pad, try to feed him while he’s intent on keeping his mouth closed, try to stave off a melt down, or try to get our reluctant napper to go down for more than 30 minutes on a weekend. That’s why those little moments of clarity are so welcome. Yeah, we’re tired and frustrated sometimes, but look! We made this baby and look how cute he is 🙂

And now, a few gratuitous photos… (please excuse the poor quality, they’re phone pics)


3 Responses to Moments of Clarity

  1. Jen says:

    Not only are you somebody’s mother, you’re a *good* one! I’m watching you guys with curiosity to see how insane new parenthood might be, anticipating trying my hand at it eventually, and I’m constantly impressed at how you seem to have it all together and not be losing your minds. Awesome job.

    That first photo looks like he’s trying to make Bill’s “don’t take my picture” face. I love it! I do see you both in him – I wonder how much it’ll change as he grows up!

    • skmac31 says:

      Trust me when I tell you there are plenty of times when we don’t have it together and when we think we are losing our minds 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    He is downright adorable! And you’re completely justified in gushing. I understand what you mean about surreal realizations … and my baby isn’t even born yet! I will be asking you a lot of advice because you rock as a momma. 🙂

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