Valentine’s Day: A Change of Perspective

Back in high school when I first started dating, I hated anything that could be considered a romantic gesture: flowers, jewelry, etc. I was annoyed any time I received a gift like this from a guy I was dating. And of course I hated Valentine’s Day because that usually brought out even more of this mushy romantic stuff and I turned my nose up at it. I was kind of a bitch in high school.

One year, the guy I was dating at the time broke up with me on Valentine’s Day and I was crushed. After that, of course Valentine’s Day was even more evil and no good could ever come from this wretched “holiday”. I guess I was overly-dramatic in high school too, but hey, I was a teenager. They are, by nature, bitchy and dramatic.

In my single late-high school and college years, I adopted an angry attitude about V-Day. I’m pretty sure I burned a mix CD of angry songs about it. I even gave the “collection” a clever title (that escapes me now).

I was in my mid-20’s when I met Bill and started what would be my first and (thankfully!) last adult relationship. We celebrated Valentine’s Day like civilized adults with a dinner date and by exchanging small gifts. Four years ago on February 15, 2008 (technically the day after V-Day, but it was our V-Day date so it counts) Bill nervously got down on one knee in a restaurant and asked me to marry him. And Valentine’s Day was redeemed.

Over the years, we’ve celebrated V-Day in a low-key fashion. Usually a dinner date, flowers, candy, and maybe a small gift. Yes, those are all the things that used to annoy me back in high school but things change after 15+ years.

This year was our first V-Day as parents. We planned a dinner date, lined up some grandparents to take the kiddo for the evening, and planned another low-key but much needed date night. That date didn’t end up happening. First the kiddo got sick, then me, then Bill, then a trip to the hospital, then the kiddo got sick again and date night plans were scrapped. I spent the actual V-Day at home with our kiddo who has a stomach virus. I’ll spare you the details of my day but you can imagine.

But you know? It’s okay. There were still flowers and candy and cards. And we can (and will) go to dinner another night. (There’s no shortage of grandparents eager to babysit around here!) I’m glad all of the angst that used to surround this holiday is gone. What’s really important is that Bill and I love each other, we love our kiddo, and now that the holiday is over…candy will be on sale for half price šŸ™‚


One Response to Valentine’s Day: A Change of Perspective

  1. Nancy says:

    I love it!! Hope you’re all feeling better!

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