New Logo

The lovely and talented Melissa Y. was kind enough to whip up a logo for me for my cakes!! I’m excited about this because now I can put stickers with this logo on my cake boxes and maybe even have a business card to give out. Paper/office supplies like this make me happy – I know it’s strange.

Now the question remains…Why do I need a logo and business cards if I’m not really taking cake orders anymore? It’s a good question. A really good one. But I figure, it doesn’t hurt to have this stuff for the occasions where I do make cakes and cupcakes. And who knows, at some point I may be able to find the time to make a lot of cakes again.

Too bad we didn’t win that $640 million jackpot – that would have made me a 32-year-old retiree with PLENTY of time for cake baking!!


One Response to New Logo

  1. Jen says:

    I love the new logo! I’ll take a business card, please! And if you ever do go back into official cake business, I will give stacks out to *everyone*.

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