My First Mothers Day

Well, my first Mothers Day since Caelan was born. I did celebrate Mothers Day last year when I was about 36 weeks pregnant with him, but I guess this year was the first REAL Mothers Day for me.

I got my first work of art from Caelan that came inside a card he made for me at daycare. Naturally, I put it on the fridge immediately!

Bill gave me flowers and he also got up with Caelan Sunday morning and did most of the baby wrangling for the day giving me some very much appreciated down time.

Caelan and I did take a trip to the grocery store as we do every Sunday and he had tons of random strangers gushing over his cuteness when he fell asleep in the cart.

Later in the afternoon, we headed over to my parents’ house to celebrate Mothers Day with them, Bill’s parents, and Bill’s brother and his wife. I was planning to get a few pictures of me and Caelan, and some with Caelan and his grandmothers. Instead, we got this:

A sick baby with a 104° fever. He was kind of acting okay sometimes – wandering around the house, squealing and going from person to person, but there was some fussiness too. After Tylenol only kind of worked and only for a short time before his fever went back up, being the first-time parents that we are, we decided to take him to urgent care to get checked out. (I should note that we almost made it through his first year without a trip to urgent care or the ER – this was the first one!)

This morning he still had a fever, but it was much less alarming at only 100.0°. Still not sure what is going on with him (possibly a viral infection), but Mothers Day was definitely an adventure!


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