Or something like that…you know.

When I met Bill years ago, he had just started working on his graduate degree. In the years since then, he bought a house, we moved in together, we got engaged, planned a wedding, got married, did some major home renovations, got pregnant, had a baby, and raised an almost-one-year-old. So yeah, it’s been an eventful few years. But Bill managed to also take classes, study, write endless papers, and now he has earned a Masters in Information Assurance from UMUC!!! It’s a wonderful accomplishment and I am extremely proud of him for working so hard.

Family pic. Yes, this baby is chewing on a plate.

Naturally, a party to celebrate was in order

I invited a few people over to celebrate. It was nothing fancy, but there was food, there were presents, and there was cake (obviously). I made a chocolate cake and while I normally do 2 layers, I thought that would be overkill for the number of people we were going to have. So because I like to torture myself with math (apparently) I made 1 1/4 batches of chocolate cake so the single layer would be a little more substantial, but still wouldn’t overflow into my oven. I made a double batch of vanilla buttercream for the icing. I did a Google image search for “computer security” and came up with a lot of pictures of computers with padlocks, so since Bill’s degree is in computer security, that’s what I went with for the design. Nerdtasically delicious if I do say so 😉

Computer Security Cake!


One Response to Gradumacation

  1. Jen says:

    It was a most deliciousest cake! Thanks for sending us home with some!

    And congrats again to Master Smartypants. 🙂

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