The Cupcake Shed

When we started our basement project back in March 2010, we agreed on 15 months to complete the renovation. We even bet on it (I was betting it’d take longer), though we never actually decided on what the “winner” would get if they were right. We joked that if I won the bet, Bill would build me a cupcake shed on our back patio. It was unclear whether or not this would be just a shed to house baking supplies, or a shed actually shaped like a cupcake (would the HOA approve that?!).

As it turned out, Bill won the bet on the basement, completing it with 9 days to spare. We received the “use and occupancy” certificate while Caelan and I were still in the hospital after he was born. So I wasn’t getting my cupcake shed. Or was I?

Bill wanted to get a shed because now that our unfinished basement was, well, finished, we needed a place to store some outdoor equipment. Driving the lawn mower across the new carpet and out the door didn’t seem like a good idea. In the meantime, we hired a kid from our neighborhood to cut the lawn for us and we focused on taking care of this new baby. Then it was Winter and it wasn’t a huge priority at that time, and then it was Spring and all three of us were sick/busy constantly (or so it seemed). So that’s how we arrived here, a year later, and just now getting a shed.

Bill ordered it online from Home Depot and they delivered it in a couple huge boxes. It had a lot more pieces than I expected, but Bill and his dad were able to get it assembled over the weekend.

Tada! We have a shed!! I may or may not sneak some baking supplies in there if we have room 😉

Believe it or not, the acquisition of this shed sets a much bigger plan in motion. Now that we have a shed, we can redo our kitchen/powder room.


See, the lawn mower is currently taking up a big space in our laundry room that should be home to the cats’ litter box. When we started the basement project, we moved the litter box up to our powder room which the cats took over. Luckily (?), the toilet and sink in there were broken anyway. But now that the lawn mower can go to the shed, the litter box can move back to the basement, and we are free to redo the powder room. And the floor in the powder room extends to the foyer which extends to the kitchen, and the floor really needs to be redone. So we should do the kitchen at the same time. You see how these things snowball??

So stay tuned for some posts about this next house project. We’re not exactly sure when we’ll be getting started, but hopefully in the next couple months!


One Response to The Cupcake Shed

  1. Nancy says:

    It all makes perfect sense to me – :-).

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