You can hope …

Near the end of my pregnancy with Caelan, labor and delivery was looming and I was getting nervous/excited for his arrival.  Regarding the start of my labor, I hoped for two things:

1) I hoped my water would break in a very obvious way or that I’d have strong regular contractions – a CLEAR sign that this was in fact IT and it was time to go. Despite how it always happens on TV, only 10-15% of women have their water break at the start of labor so that seemed unlikely. Bill got a cheap digital watch and we were ready to time contractions at home.

2) I didn’t want to go into labor at work. Sure, my office is right next to the hospital, but who wants to go into labor at work?

So what actually happened a year ago today? My water broke in a way that had me wondering for an hour or two if that’s what had actually happened. No contractions that I was aware of. And, oh yeah…I was at work.

25 hours later …


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