The Kitchen Project: An Overview

It’s been just over a year since we finished our last major home renovation – time to start another one! This time we will be giving our kitchen, foyer, and powder room a “make over”, so to speak. We won’t be completely gutting the space or reconfiguring walls or anything, but we will be replacing almost everything. We aren’t building our dream kitchen, but our hope is that an upgrade will appeal to potential buyers a couple years down the road.

Unlike our basement project, we will not be DIYing this one. Sure, it will cost more to hire out all the work, but it will be done faster. And when you’re talking about your KITCHEN, that is pretty much paramount (in my view anyway).

So where do we start??? Here is the space currently (click for a larger view). This isn’t exactly to scale, but it’s close.

And here’s what we’ll call The Original Plan:

  • Replace all honey-oak cabinets and gold hardware with dark wood cabinets and nickel hardware.
  • Replace laminate countertops with whatever we determine is the least expensive option one step up from laminate (Granite? Corian?)
  • Replace kitchen sink
  • Divert range hood to vent outside
  • Replace ceramic tile with vinyl tile*
  • Replace toilet and pedestal sink in bathroom
  • Replace bathroom light fixture (or at least trade out the shades)
  • Paint kitchen, foyer, and bathroom

*Vinyl tile may not seem like an upgrade over ceramic, but new nice looking vinyl tile is an upgrade over older cracked ceramic tile/grout so that’s where we’re coming from on that one.

In addition to The Original Plan, we are also considering a few other options:

  • Extend tile floor in foyer about 2ft. into the living room to be even with dining room wall??
  • Rearrange appliances in the kitchen. Move fridge to lower right corner, next to stove?? Move dishwasher to original fridge location??
  • Replace kitchen table with a row of base cabinets and countertop??

We’ll see where we land on those.

We don’t have a start date for this project, though we’d like to begin before the end of summer. And we don’t have a target end date, but to give us a lot of time to work with, I’m going to say Christmas. Hopefully it will be done quite a bit before that, but you know how these things go!

Stay tuned for updates as this project gets started!!


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