The Kitchen Project: Update

In my last post about the kitchen, I said that we wanted to get started on this project before the end of summer. So have we started?? Well, I guess that depends on how you define “started”.

We met with and got estimates from 3 different contractors. There was a sizable gap between the highest quote and the other 2 quotes. The contractor we’re going with is actually our next door neighbor. He’s done a little bit of work in our home before and has worked on other homes in our neighborhood and we are confident that he’ll do a good job. If not, we know where he lives 🙂

Here’s where we stand on The Original Plan:

  • Replace all honey-oak cabinets and gold hardware with dark wood cabinets and nickel hardware.
    We have chosen a dark cherry color full-overlay cabinet. I have been agonizing over cabinet hardware (which is a stupid thing to agonize over) but it will be nickel.
  • Replace laminate countertops with whatever we determine is the least expensive option one step up from laminate (Granite? Corian?)
    Granite it is. In real life, the beige-y specs in this tie in nicely with the cabinets
    and overall it reads as “gray”.
  • Replace kitchen sink.
    Free stainless steel undermount sink comes with the granite counter top. Awesome. And I think I have decided on a new faucet.
  • Divert range hood/microwave to vent outside.
    It involves ripping apart the bulkhead which is why it wasn’t done immediately when we installed the microwave, but we are definitely having this done now.
  • Replace ceramic tile with vinyl tile.
    Actually, we’re going with porcelain tile. We still really like vinyl tile and have it in one of our bathrooms, but given the subfloor we have upstairs, “normal” tile may be the better choice and we found one we liked for a good price. Now we just need to choose a grout color. This is the first part of this project that we have run into where we completely disagree.
  • Replace toilet and pedestal sink in bathroom.
    Still doing this. There’s nothing special about the ones we picked out. They’re white.
  • Replace bathroom light fixture (or at least trade out the shades).
    I haven’t figured this one out yet – still thinking. I have almost decided on a faucet for the sink, so that’s something.
  • Paint kitchen, foyer, and bathroom.
    Yep. We have some leftover very light gray-ish brown from our basement bathroom that we plan to use for this. I am now considering painting the bathroom a shade darker since it will be very light in there with the white fixtures and light tile.
  • Extend tile floor in foyer about 2ft. into the living room to be even with dining room wall??
    Yep, we’re going for this.
  • Rearrange appliances in the kitchen. Move fridge to lower right corner, next to stove?? Move dishwasher to original fridge location??
    We are going to do this. We met with 3 contractors and 2 kitchen designers and all agreed that this was a good idea.
  • Replace kitchen table with a row of base cabinets and countertop??
    We are NOT going to do this. We are going to do…something…with our kitchen table. Keep it, refinish it, replace it, or at the very least, get another chair. We have 2 chairs and 3 people which means we drag a dining room chair in there every night for dinner. Annoying.

The contractors and cabinet designers we spoke to all agreed that the new arrangement of appliances is better than the old arrangement.  The new arrangement allows our refrigerator door to open fully (right now it hits a wall) and allows maximum use of space for cabinets (right now we have a “blind” cabinet which is awesomely useless).

Here is the drawing one cabinet designer made for us. Click on it for the full view. (The drawing shows a double-door fridge, but ours is actually a single.)

[drawing by MidSouth Building Supply]

So that’s where we are now. Most of the materials are decided upon, if not purchased, and we are anxiously awaiting an estimated start date from our contractor. Then the kitchen packing will begin!

This post is really long already, so check back tomorrow and I’ll explain how this project has snowballed into another project that we will take on ourselves at the same time…Who wants to babysit?! 🙂


One Response to The Kitchen Project: Update

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow! This is very exciting – you all are so organized :-).

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