The Kitchen Snowball

I’ve decided that’s my nickname for this new project since it snowballed out of the kitchen project 😉

Over the weekend, Bill hesitantly brought up an idea…”As if we don’t already have enough stuff going on…what if we painted the living/dining room while the kitchen’s being done?”

On the one hand it sounds crazy because, as he mentioned, it’s going to be insane with the kitchen project. BUT…the kitchen project will basically render our main level unlivable for the duration of the project, so why not take advantage of that and get some painting done at the same time? I quickly jumped on the crazy train with Bill, so we are going to get this done! The living/dining room really does need to be repainted and spackled in a few areas and we are excited to change up the color.

Here is the current color scheme for these rooms, including the current paint color. That’s not our sofa but it’s the same color. The top left is the current paint color (sort of – I think it’s a little lighter in real life) and the bottom right is the carpet.

Living/Dining Room Colors

We are thinking about adding a chair rail and doing a darker color on the bottom and a lighter color on top. Most likely, it will still be a fairly neutral color. Here are some general ideas…I need to get to Home Depot ASAP to look at some colors! We are going to just do the rail (as in the bottom photos) rather than the wainscotting/board-and-batten on the bottom. I love that look, but we’ll save it for another house.

PS: I have not shown Bill any of these ideas yet, so no idea what he’s thinking at this point 😉


[Top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right]

I started talking about the living room and its planned revival about a year ago and though we have done a fair amount of work on it, I haven’t shared the progress yet. So I will be back soon with some “before” and “progress” shots before the renovations start. The “before” shots are horrifying – fair warning 🙂


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