Which one of these does not belong?

To make a long, stupid story short…

Me: Mom, I love the cabinet hardware in your kitchen.

Mom: If you like it, we have a whole extra set! They accidentally gave us double when we did our kitchen.

Me: Great, I’ll take them! I need 21.

Mom: (counts) …18…19… and 20.

Me: Crap.

I have searched high and low for cabinet hardware (seriously – if there’s a satin nickel cabinet pull out there for under $5, I’ve seen it) but I really liked the ones my parents have. Of course even though theirs were still in their original packaging, there was no brand or style number to be found. However, I tracked one down online that I was pretty certain would be a match. Afterall, I only needed ONE more.

Do you see it??

Maybe here??

Ugh, they are SO similar, but still not exactly the same. I suspect that they actually are the same brand/style but the ones from my parents are 11 years old and maybe they changed the style slightly in that time?

So here’s the question. Do we go ahead and use the (free!) 20 matching pulls plus the 1 almost matching pull (probably on a single cabinet where it is less likely to be noticeable)? Or do we go ahead and buy 20 more of the new ones so we have a full set of 21 that match perfectly?

My need to have perfect, complete sets of things is conflicting with my desire to A) not be crazy, B) save some money, and C) use a perfectly good set of cabinet pulls that have been sitting around for a decade. I highly doubt that ANYONE would notice the impostor pull if they walked into our kitchen. But I would know it’s there…

Bill’s on board with whatever option keeps me the most sane, no matter the cost, ha ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll put it to a vote.


2 Responses to Which one of these does not belong?

  1. Jen says:

    I voted to use the mismatched set, but I don’t think you’re crazy for being annoyed that they’re not perfect.

    I think the odd one out only stands out if you’re deliberately looking for it and it’s directly beside the others. If you put it on a drawer or door and it’s not right beside another one, I can promise you nobody will ever notice. Except when your readers come over for dinner, at which point we will all explore your kitchen with a magnifying glass trying to find the misfit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. […] the whole drama with the cabinet pulls? Well we decided to use the set of pulls my parents gave us, plus the 1 […]

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