The Kitchen Project….Is Done!

October 17, 2012

When we got the contract for the kitchen, it said that the project would take 3 weeks. So I figured that meant 4 weeks. Not because I didn’t have faith in our contractors, but because I wanted to be realistic. Something always comes up with home improvement projects and those things can cause delays. A few minor things did come up, but as of Monday the kitchen was officially finished.

Total project time = 2 weeks, 1 day. And thank God for that because we were OVER not having a kitchen! We knew what we were getting into, but it still sucked. I missed the kitchen sink the most.

The project went smoothly from start to finish and we are VERY pleased with the result!! As I mentioned in a previous post, the contractors we hired are our neighbors and that turned out to be great for all involved. It was convenient because they are so close and it was never a problem to get in touch with them or get questions answered. I got daily updates via text or email, and even pictures of the progress. Working with them was very pleasant and they did a great job.

I know, pictures!! Okay here they are…

And a side by side…

I couldn’t get a good picture of the powder room. It has the same tile floor and a slightly darker gray wall color, but other than that, not much has changed in there. Oh except that the sink and toilet are new and they actually work so we can use that bathroom again!! It’s been out of commission for over 2 years so we are glad to have it back.

I LOVE how it all came out. I almost don’t want to put all our old kitchen stuff back in the nice shiny new kitchen! But that’s exactly what we are doing this week. It’s a little challenging because we reconfigured the cabinets so I need to find a new home for quite a few things.

Now that the kitchen is done, we need to get all of our kitchen stuff out of the living room and storage pod so that we can start packing up/moving the living room stuff.

Starting at the end of the week/this weekend…The Kitchen Snowball.

Before Kid-isms, there are Parent-isms

October 16, 2012

Since becoming a parent, and particularly in the past few months since Caelan has been exploring more and asserting his independence, I’ve found myself uttering some truly cliche parent-isms. “Use your inside voice” is probably the one I say most often lately, and inwardly,  I groan. Ugh, did I really just say that??

But in addition to the cliches, there are plenty more that I never imagined would come out of my mouth…

“Are you eating cat food?”

“Are you still eating that apple? Swallow it already! Don’t be like Aunt Rachel!”

“He didn’t get any green beans on the wall today, just the floor.”

“We do NOT sit on kittens.”

“Can you put Mommy’s shoe away? Where does Mommy’s shoe go? No! Not in the cats’ water!”

“Caelan, we don’t stand in the cat’s food bowl.”

“Don’t brush your hair with crackers!”

“If you lick the floor one more time, you’re kicked out of the kitchen.”

One of our friends used to send out an email every few months with a bunch of conversations or one-liners from her kids. They are always hysterical. At the moment, Caelan’s speech is pretty limited to one word at a time, so we don’t have any kid-isms from him to share just yet. I’m sure they’re coming though 🙂

Four Years and I Still Don’t Have A Wedding Album

October 12, 2012

Yesterday, Bill and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Well, we didn’t really celebrate. We decided to postpone our anniversary celebration for a couple weeks since we have so much going on right now with house stuff. It will be nice to relax and not worry about what we have to do next with the house, and enjoy a dinner out together without Caelan throwing food at us and shrieking.

I was looking around for a wedding picture to post on Facebook yesterday and though we are fortunate to have hundreds of great pictures taken by friends and family, I still don’t have our professional pictures together yet. Many of you who were involved in our wedding will remember the troubles we had with our wedding photographer. We didn’t get our un-watermarked photos until about 2 years after our wedding (the delay was mostly due to my dread of dealing with the photographer). I had promised my mom that I’d get the parent albums done by my baby shower (April 2011) and I did deliver on that one!

But now another year and a half has passed and Bill and I still don’t have our own wedding album. I sort of started to lay it out, but it’s a massive task and I am not a photographer so it’s going to take me awhile to do it. I think I’m going to use Picaboo to make the album. That’s what I used for the parent albums and they came out well. They have some nicer albums with lay-flat pages and they even have a flush mount option, though I’m not sure I’ll go all out and do that.

I do think that waiting a few years to do the album is kind of a good thing. I’ve gained a little perspective. I’m not all wrapped up in the wedding hype anymore, thinking I have to do this or I have to that a certain way. I just want a nice album of my wedding pictures that we can look back at for years to come. And I do not want to spend $1K and pull all my hair out so that would be why I’m doing it myself and not having my wedding photographer do it 🙂

The Kitchen Project: Progress, Week 1

October 8, 2012

Week 1 of our kitchen renovation has come and gone and we are actually right on schedule! There were a couple minor blips – nothing that really could have been avoided, and thankfully, nothing that really set us back at all.

Here’s where we are at the end of Week 1:

  • Demo = Done
  • Initial Plumbing and Electrical = Done
  • Drywall work = Done
  • Backer board installed on the floors = Done
  • Cabinets (and hardware) installed = Done
  • Painting (except for trim and a few touch ups) = Done

Here’s what it was looking like last night. The cabinets are slightly darker in real life. The paint is a really light gray/beige. We wanted to keep the walls and floor light to balance out the dark cabinets and counter tops.

The major project for this week is getting the floor tiled. Should be interesting! One week down, 1-1.5 weeks left to go…

The Kitchen Project: Oh the irony…

October 5, 2012

Remember the whole drama with the cabinet pulls? Well we decided to use the set of pulls my parents gave us, plus the 1 impostor pull. I counted the cabinets a dozen times to make sure I was right on the number and after they were installed, I counted them again – still 21.

What I didn’t realize is that we added a corner cabinet with a lazy Susan and the way that cabinet works, it doesn’t need a pull. I didn’t know how the doors opened until I saw it installed, so I originally counted it as needing a pull. But it doesn’t. So now the total number of pulls we need is…20.

And what do you know, we have 20 that match perfectly! So don’t come into my kitchen looking for an oddball because there isn’t one!!

The Kitchen Project: Gaaaaa!!

October 2, 2012

That’s how Caelan says “Go!”…Anyway…

Construction on the kitchen has started!! Bill and I spent the weekend packing up everything in our kitchen, creating a makeshift kitchen in our dining room and a makeshift pantry in boxes on our living room floor. It’s a hot mess, to say the least.

I took some BEFORE photos, but the light fixture in the kitchen had already come down and it was 11:30pm so it was kind of hard to see!

BEFORE – View from the Dining Room

BEFORE – View from the left side of the window

BEFORE – View from the right side of the window

BEFORE – View from the doorway

BEFORE – The Powder Room

I took some pictures of the demo yesterday but it’s really hard to tell what’s what now that everything is just GONE. Basically all the pictures I took look like this:

DEMO, Day 1

So that’s where we are right now. We are moving forward one day at a time and at the moment Bill and I are planning to step in and do our part (painting) this weekend.

Caelan’s routine is not too interrupted other than eating out the past 2 nights and playing in the basement instead of the living room. The cats may be having the worst time with the change. They are now in the basement 24/7 with their food and water and litter down there. They’re fine when we’re down there too, but I think they get lonely when we’re not there. Hopefully we’ll be able to let them back up soon!