The Kitchen Project: Gaaaaa!!

That’s how Caelan says “Go!”…Anyway…

Construction on the kitchen has started!! Bill and I spent the weekend packing up everything in our kitchen, creating a makeshift kitchen in our dining room and a makeshift pantry in boxes on our living room floor. It’s a hot mess, to say the least.

I took some BEFORE photos, but the light fixture in the kitchen had already come down and it was 11:30pm so it was kind of hard to see!

BEFORE – View from the Dining Room

BEFORE – View from the left side of the window

BEFORE – View from the right side of the window

BEFORE – View from the doorway

BEFORE – The Powder Room

I took some pictures of the demo yesterday but it’s really hard to tell what’s what now that everything is just GONE. Basically all the pictures I took look like this:

DEMO, Day 1

So that’s where we are right now. We are moving forward one day at a time and at the moment Bill and I are planning to step in and do our part (painting) this weekend.

Caelan’s routine is not too interrupted other than eating out the past 2 nights and playing in the basement instead of the living room. The cats may be having the worst time with the change. They are now in the basement 24/7 with their food and water and litter down there. They’re fine when we’re down there too, but I think they get lonely when we’re not there. Hopefully we’ll be able to let them back up soon!


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