Four Years and I Still Don’t Have A Wedding Album

Yesterday, Bill and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Well, we didn’t really celebrate. We decided to postpone our anniversary celebration for a couple weeks since we have so much going on right now with house stuff. It will be nice to relax and not worry about what we have to do next with the house, and enjoy a dinner out together without Caelan throwing food at us and shrieking.

I was looking around for a wedding picture to post on Facebook yesterday and though we are fortunate to have hundreds of great pictures taken by friends and family, I still don’t have our professional pictures together yet. Many of you who were involved in our wedding will remember the troubles we had with our wedding photographer. We didn’t get our un-watermarked photos until about 2 years after our wedding (the delay was mostly due to my dread of dealing with the photographer). I had promised my mom that I’d get the parent albums done by my baby shower (April 2011) and I did deliver on that one!

But now another year and a half has passed and Bill and I still don’t have our own wedding album. I sort of started to lay it out, but it’s a massive task and I am not a photographer so it’s going to take me awhile to do it. I think I’m going to use Picaboo to make the album. That’s what I used for the parent albums and they came out well. They have some nicer albums with lay-flat pages and they even have a flush mount option, though I’m not sure I’ll go all out and do that.

I do think that waiting a few years to do the album is kind of a good thing. I’ve gained a little perspective. I’m not all wrapped up in the wedding hype anymore, thinking I have to do this or I have to that a certain way. I just want a nice album of my wedding pictures that we can look back at for years to come. And I do not want to spend $1K and pull all my hair out so that would be why I’m doing it myself and not having my wedding photographer do it 🙂


One Response to Four Years and I Still Don’t Have A Wedding Album

  1. Jen says:

    Smart move, doing it yourself, instead of letting the photographer do it. Knowing him, the album wouldn’t be anything like what you asked for, and would cost too much, and you’d end up making your own anyway!

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