Before Kid-isms, there are Parent-isms

Since becoming a parent, and particularly in the past few months since Caelan has been exploring more and asserting his independence, I’ve found myself uttering some truly cliche parent-isms. “Use your inside voice” is probably the one I say most often lately, and inwardly,  I groan. Ugh, did I really just say that??

But in addition to the cliches, there are plenty more that I never imagined would come out of my mouth…

“Are you eating cat food?”

“Are you still eating that apple? Swallow it already! Don’t be like Aunt Rachel!”

“He didn’t get any green beans on the wall today, just the floor.”

“We do NOT sit on kittens.”

“Can you put Mommy’s shoe away? Where does Mommy’s shoe go? No! Not in the cats’ water!”

“Caelan, we don’t stand in the cat’s food bowl.”

“Don’t brush your hair with crackers!”

“If you lick the floor one more time, you’re kicked out of the kitchen.”

One of our friends used to send out an email every few months with a bunch of conversations or one-liners from her kids. They are always hysterical. At the moment, Caelan’s speech is pretty limited to one word at a time, so we don’t have any kid-isms from him to share just yet. I’m sure they’re coming though 🙂


2 Responses to Before Kid-isms, there are Parent-isms

  1. Jen says:

    I can see why he wants to sit on the kittens, though. They’re so big and fluffy!

  2. Amy says:

    I had to laugh at the “we do not sit on kittens”. I literally told my toddler that just yesterday when she tried to sit on our cat!

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