The Kitchen Project….Is Done!

When we got the contract for the kitchen, it said that the project would take 3 weeks. So I figured that meant 4 weeks. Not because I didn’t have faith in our contractors, but because I wanted to be realistic. Something always comes up with home improvement projects and those things can cause delays. A few minor things did come up, but as of Monday the kitchen was officially finished.

Total project time = 2 weeks, 1 day. And thank God for that because we were OVER not having a kitchen! We knew what we were getting into, but it still sucked. I missed the kitchen sink the most.

The project went smoothly from start to finish and we are VERY pleased with the result!! As I mentioned in a previous post, the contractors we hired are our neighbors and that turned out to be great for all involved. It was convenient because they are so close and it was never a problem to get in touch with them or get questions answered. I got daily updates via text or email, and even pictures of the progress. Working with them was very pleasant and they did a great job.

I know, pictures!! Okay here they are…

And a side by side…

I couldn’t get a good picture of the powder room. It has the same tile floor and a slightly darker gray wall color, but other than that, not much has changed in there. Oh except that the sink and toilet are new and they actually work so we can use that bathroom again!! It’s been out of commission for over 2 years so we are glad to have it back.

I LOVE how it all came out. I almost don’t want to put all our old kitchen stuff back in the nice shiny new kitchen! But that’s exactly what we are doing this week. It’s a little challenging because we reconfigured the cabinets so I need to find a new home for quite a few things.

Now that the kitchen is done, we need to get all of our kitchen stuff out of the living room and storage pod so that we can start packing up/moving the living room stuff.

Starting at the end of the week/this weekend…The Kitchen Snowball.


4 Responses to The Kitchen Project….Is Done!

  1. Jen says:

    Looks fantastic! Although I have a feeling I’ll be heading to your dishwasher for a drink the first time I come over… everything is backwards! 🙂

    • skmac31 says:

      Everything is backwards, but oddly, it’s not confusing. The thing that threw me the most was flipping the fridge doors. I went to put the shelves back in the fridge door and was like “Ack! it’s all backwards!”

  2. Robin Black says:

    Wow! It looks great. You must be happy to have your kitchen back again. I love the combination of the cabinets and the new granite counter-top. Now putting everything back gives you a chance to clear out and reorganize – your favorite thing to do… right?

    On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 9:05 AM, Decorate This

    • skmac31 says:

      Yep! We already have 2 boxes of stuff to give away, plus a set of pots and pans! Definitely glad to clear some stuff out!

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