Meeting Santa

We didn’t take Caelan to meet Santa last year. He was only 6 months old and we just didn’t really think about doing it. But this year,  he’s old enough to learn who Santa is, be able to recognize him,  and even say his name (sort of). I was about to resign myself to waiting in line forever and paying a fortune for a single print of my kid probably crying or wiggling away, when I got a suggestion from an old friend of mine for another option.

She suggested this little farm museum that’s kind of out in the boonies, not too far from where we live. It was the kind of place with a series of paths connecting old buildings where people were dressed in period clothing, making their own candles, and baking bread on a hearth (one lady checked her iPhone, you know, for authenticity).

We paid $5 to get in and then walked over to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus in a cute little log cabin. I had my camera and knew I could take as many pictures as I wanted. There was no line. There was one family ahead of us, and when they left, we went in. Caelan put on his serious face and when Bill put him on Santa’s lap, he quickly wiggled free and ran back to Bill. He refused Mrs. Claus also, though he did accept a candy cane from her.

This is not quite the picture I had hoped for, but hey, this is how it happened this year and I love it. We’ll try again next year and see what Caelan thinks about them then!



One Response to Meeting Santa

  1. Jen says:

    Aw, so cute, and a million times better than the chaos of meeting Mall Santa!

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