Look Whooo’s Having a Baby!


Lame owl pun? Check.

The 6th baby shower cake I’ve made for one of the girls in this group of friends? Double check.

The FOURTEENTH child about to be born into this group of friends? Triple check, and holy crap that’s a lot of children that just a few years ago didn’t even exist!

Wawa is expecting her baby girl at the end of next month, so naturally we all got together to celebrate with cake, food, presents, and a few of those didn’t-exist-a-few-years-ago children. Of course I volunteered to bring the cake, but it had been 5 months since I last made a cake and I was a little rusty.

I picked out the decoration for the cake using this photo from a Google Image search as inspiration.

I went back and forth over whether I was going to use fondant or buttercream for the decoration but I ended up deciding that fondant was a little too ambitious for how things are going in my house lately. I used 4 different colors of buttercream and did the owl picture with several different round tips. Usually I would fill in the design with star tips, but some of the sections were so small and I knew the star tips wouldn’t fit. I basically just used small round tips and toothpicks to fill in the spaces. I’m back and forth over whether it looks “rustic” or just messy.

I decided at the last minute to make a from-scratch version of Funfetti cake and I found the recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Annie’s Eats. I used my normal vanilla buttercream for the icing, filling, and decorations.

Since there aren’t anymore baby showers on the horizon among my friends at the moment, I took a look back at the 6 baby shower cakes for friends I’ve done so far. I’m so happy to have been able to celebrate with each of these girls!




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