Project Big Boy Room

Now that Caelan is coming up on the big 0-2, we are planning to move him out of his nursery and into his new big boy room. His new room is currently the guest room (aka the green room, aka the black hole). No guest has ever stayed in that room and it is basically just a dumping ground for things that have no other home. So, obviously, before Caelan can move in there, we need to clean that room out.

There’s a lot of junk that I’m hoping we’ll just be able to get rid of, but there are some things that actually live in that room – like our luggage in the closet, a dresser that stores linens (since the brilliant people who designed our house neglected to include a linen closet), and a set of drawers/shelves that hold my craft supplies. But the thing that takes up the most space in that room (other than the full size bed) is my gift wrapping arsenal. I realize that most people don’t have an “arsenal” of wrapping supplies, but I do 🙂 It takes up 4 large plastic bins that cover nearly all of the floor space under that bed. I know it’s not practical to keep such a large collection so I will pare it down to just one box. My problem is that I’m not sure what to DO with the stuff I’ll be getting rid of. Anyone want any wrapping supplies??

The plan is to clean out the room, repaint the walls, buy a twin bed and a dresser, and add some accessories. The goal is to have this room ready to go at some point in May. I know that’s a little vague. We’d like to move Caelan in there around his birthday, but we’d like it to be ready before that so he can have a little time to check it out, play in there, etc. He’s never even set eyes on this room before since we keep the door closed 100% of the time, so we want to ease him into it.

There will be several posts about this room as it evolves, so check back! Here is a preview pic to see where we’re headed 🙂



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