Project Big Boy Room: “Look New Room”

After spending a few evenings in the green room starting to clean it out, my father-in-law was so kind as to come over and pick up a load of stuff to take to the dump for us, including a mattress and box spring. With those things gone and the bed frame broken down, the mess in that room was looking MUCH more manageable!

Since a ton of dust had been unearthed as we moved stuff out of there, I decided to leave the door open for a little while to air it out. Now, prior to this, the door to that room had been closed for at least 2 years. We’d open it once a week or so to put something in there, but the point is that despite the fact that this room is right next door to Caelan’s room, he didn’t even know it existed.

After his nap that day, we walked by the opened room and he did a double-take. Later, we stopped in to take a look at what I’m temporarily calling “the new room”. He seemed intrigued by this new space and kept asking to “look new room”.

I’m hoping we can keep up the novelty of this “new room” so that he’ll be excited to play in there when it’s ready for him, and even more excited to call the room his own and sleep in there when it’s time. Maybe it will shift the focus from the fact that his little brother or sister will be setting up camp in his old room. That’s the hope anyway 🙂


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