It’s Getting Real

Our anatomy scan last week confirmed my suspicions that our second baby is a little girl. I promptly went back home to bed since I was battling the stomach flu all week. I was so wiped out by my second bout of this in a month (thank you so much pregnant immune system!) that I couldn’t even process the news. I sent off texts, emails, and board posts to family and friends eagerly awaiting the news, but I couldn’t get too excited about it myself. It was odd because prior to that day, I had been desperate to find out if we were having a girl or boy so I could start planning and shopping for him or her.

But I recovered from the evil sickness, and then someone said to me, “Congratulations on your daughter!”

My daughter

That sounds so weird! I’m still not quite used to saying “my son” when talking about Caelan. Suddenly Bill’s joking about sitting on our (non-existent) front porch cleaning a shot gun in another 17 years or so and it’s getting real. We’re going to have a little girl!

I’m thrilled to be getting one of each – a boy and a girl – it’s really what I’ve always wanted. But I must admit that being a “girl mom” is a little scary to me. I already know how to be a “boy mom” (up to age almost-2 anyway), but a “girl mom”? I’m not a girly girl at all and the thought of excessive amounts of pink, tutus, and giant head flowers kind of makes me choke a little! But I’m guessing that I’m going to relax a little on all of those things (except the giant head flowers – those are a NO).

Baby girl will be moving into Caelan’s nursery (and Caelan will move into his new room). If you remember, Caelan’s nursery is very blue. The “day and night” theme is pretty gender neutral which is great, but two walls are light blue and two walls are a dark navy blue which gives it a definite boy vibe. I’ve been trolling Etsy in search of somethings in the vinyl decal department to “girl it up” a little. I figure the day side of the room could easily be given a feminine touch by adding some flowers along the baseboards and some birds in the sky. It’s nice that we’re going to be keeping the room mostly the way it is, but I will have fun adding in some non-blue colors and a few new things that will be just hers (and not hand-me-downs from Caelan).

In addition to thinking about getting rooms ready for the kids (the kids…something else that sounds weird!), we are also in search of a name for baby girl. This is proving to be much more difficult than our search for Caelan’s name. With Caelan, as soon as I saw the name in the book, I fell in love with it and had this feeling that it was it – this was his name. Luckily, Bill agreed and we were decided pretty quickly. This time…none of the names I saw really jumped out at me, though I did find several that I liked. And what’s worse is that Bill and I don’t agree. He doesn’t like any of my favorites and I’m not a fan of his. I guess this is how name searches go for most people and we just got off easy with Caelan! I’m trying to be zen about it – we’ll find a name for her eventually – but it’s a little stressful right now. Thank goodness for Etsy to distract me 🙂


One Response to It’s Getting Real

  1. Nancy says:

    How exciting for everyone – a new little girl! Caelan will be a great big brother! Sending love to all of you! Nancy

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