Pretty On The Inside


(I know this post is nearly a month late. I have a back log of posts I need to catch up on!)

That’s what these cupcakes have going for them – they’re very pretty on the inside – and actually, they taste very good. But on the outside, they’re pretty ugly. They were supposed to be St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes, and I don’t think that’s clear at all by looking at them, so I’d say they missed the mark there too.

But let’s back up…

Since St. Patrick’s Day was coming up I figured I could make some St. Patrick’s Day themed cupcakes and bring them in to work to share with my co-workers. Then I saw a picture of some rainbow cupcakes and I thought rainbow, pot of gold, etc – that sounds St. Patrick’s Day-ish!

I used a box of white cake mix for this, and let me tell you, the cake was delicious. I know, box mix = cheating, but they were good so I’m not sorry I took a short cut! I just divided the batter into 6 small bowls and colored each one using gel colors. Then I spooned one spoonful of each color batter into each of 22 cupcake liners. This took approximately forever.

I used plain white frosting (my go-to vanilla buttercream that never fails!!) and piped a swirl using my new super jumbo star tip (Ateco size 9). Seriously, the thing is huge. Then I decorated the top with gold and green sprinkles.

Somehow, even though I have about 2 dozen different kinds of cupcake liners, I did not have any plain green ones, nor did I have any St. Patrick’s Day themed liners. I ended up settling on some leftover gold liners which I thought would work (pot of gold, etc) but not so much. The thing with the rainbow cupcake is that the top of it is red. That really threw me off! And covering the entire surface of the cupcake with frosting is a bit tricky and really takes up a ton of icing.

So overall, I’m kind of annoyed that I spent two precious evenings on these cupcakes. That’s a lot of time to spend on something that comes out only “okay”. But, like I said at first, they were pretty on the inside and they were delicious, so they’ve got that going for them 🙂

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