Sydney’s Baptism


It’s been 10 months since I took a cake order. I had to go back and look through my blog posts to find that out and I can’t believe it’s been so long! April contacted me about a month ago about making a cake for her daughter’s baptism. Nearly 3 years ago, I made the cake for her older daughter, Reagan’s, baptism, and I love when I get to make cakes for multiple events in the same family, so I happily took on the order.

The cake was virtually the same as Reagan’s cake – carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I love this combination. Carrot cake doesn’t seem to be that popular, but it really is SO good. I was planning for a half sheet cake. I used to make these 2 layers – 2 pans with a single recipe of the cake in each pan – but I’ve found that’s a little bit of overkill. This time I just doubled the recipe and made it all in one pan. It’s technically the same amount of cake (more really, since there’s less trimming needed for a single layer). This size cake supposedly feeds up to 40 people, and since many of April’s 40 guests were children, this seemed to be the right size.

For the decorations, I tried my hand at rosettes. They were remarkably easy with the large closed star tip (Wilton’s 2D) and they came out looking very nice for the cross. The smaller ones for the border were a little trickier. I used a smaller closed star tip for these and I found that the consistency of the frosting was very important (too cold/firm and the icing didn’t flow or got stuck in the tip, and too warm and the shape wasn’t recognizable). I also risked writing on the cake in script – not my strong suit. But I felt that script fit the occasion and I think it turned out decent. Writing on cakes is surprisingly difficult!

One more note about this cake. The cake I delivered was actually my second attempt at this cake. I originally baked the cake on Thursday night (as I do for Saturday deliveries) but when I went to turn it out of the pan, it broke apart, got stuck, etc. This problem is of course not unheard of, especially with cakes made by novice bakers. But I don’t consider myself a novice baker and this has literally never happened to me on a cake order before! And it’s not like I’ve never made this particular cake before and of course I prepped the pan like I always do. So when my fury subsided, I re-baked the cake the following night but this time, I lined the pan with foil-backed parchment paper. I’ve never used parchment before, I always figured it was unnecessary when greasing and flouring the pan works perfectly well. Well my mind has been changed! I will be using parchment from now on! The cake slid easily out of the pan in one beautiful piece and I just peeled the parchment off the back. Sold 🙂


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