Parent-isms, part 2

More completely random things heard in our house recently…

“No running in the tub!”

“Big Bird doesn’t dance on kitty cats.”

“Daddy’s belly button is taking a nap.”

“Next time you eat the car, it’s all gone.”

“We don’t throw sharks.”

“No, don’t eat the letter O!”

“You can’t go in the bathroom with a monkey in your pocket.”

“The letter T does not go in your ear.”

“Get your foot off the table or you’re not getting a pickle.”

As funny as these are (to Bill and me – not sure if they’re universally funny), I think I may need to start posting about the funny things CAELAN says. He says plenty these days and a lot of it is kind of hilarious. Just the other day he learned the word “hyena” (hye-na-na-na). Fun times 🙂


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