Assumptions from a First and (soon to be) Second Time Mom

We’re expecting baby #2 late this summer and, luckily, we have less to do to prepare for her arrival than we did for Caelan’s arrival. We have no major home renovations going on at the moment, we don’t have to research and select a daycare provider, and we don’t have to research baby gear and create a registry.

Well, sort of on that last one. We do need a few things for this baby, but the big stuff (crib, Pack N Play, car seat, stroller, swing, bouncer, and highchair) we already have. I did create a registry, but it’s mostly just a list for myself so I can keep track of what we need to get for her (and so I can use the completion discount!). But I thought I’d look back on some of my assumptions when we were registering for Caelan’s things and preparing for his arrival and see if I’ve gained any insight.

  • Bedding sets are a waste of money. I bought one for Caelan anyway. 

I still think they’re a waste of money. We use the crib sheet, but the bumper is a suffocation hazard so we don’t use that. We used the crib skirt until it was time to lower the mattress and then it didn’t fit anymore. And we never used the comforter (in his crib – we did use it on the floor for him to play on). For baby girl, I am just getting a new crib sheet and crib skirt.

  • Nursery themes are silly. We did a “theme” complete with mural.

Whatever. Caelan will move out of his room before he’s old enough to have an opinion on what it looks like, but we wanted to do something special with his room, and so we did. And the great thing about it now is that it’s fairly neutral, so we will be able to reuse it for baby girl, with a few additions. For Caelan’s new big boy room, we are doing a theme again. What can I say? I like themes!

  • Video monitors are overkill. I kind of wanted one by the time Caelan was 18 months.

We didn’t need one when he was a newborn/small infant. I could hear him breathing over the audio-only monitor and babies that young don’t move much so I didn’t think there would be much to see with video. But now, looking ahead a month or so to when we will put him in a twin bed, I am just envisioning him climbing out and wandering around the room. It will be nice to SEE what’s going on in his room once he’s able to get in and out of bed by himself. So I bought a video monitor for him, but we will use my (beloved) audio monitor for baby girl until she’s ready to climb out of a bed. (It’s possible I’ll eat my words on that last part, but if so, our video monitor has the option to add a second camera.)

  • The baby will be sleeping in his crib after 2 weeks. Yeah, it was 5 weeks.

And that was fine. It was a sufficiently short period of time that he was in our room, but not TOO short. And the transition to the crib was seamless, probably partially due to moving him relatively early. We have the same plan for baby girl (a month-ish), but I know every baby is different, so we’ll just see how it goes.

  • The baby will not sleep in our bed. Ha, that was a good one.

In fairness, we didn’t bedshare regularly. It was not a habit I wanted us to get into. But during the 4 Month Wakeful (3-6 Month Wakeful??) I decided that if Caelan woke up after 3:30am, I’d forgo the (then necessary) 1-1.5 hour of rocking him back to sleep and just bring him in to sleep with us so I could get a couple more hours before having to get up for work. I was always too scared to let him sleep next to us in the bed, so I’d sleep partially sitting up and he’d sleep on my chest. Not really looking forward to going through this phase again with baby girl, but we’ll do whatever works for us to get through it!

  • Breastfeeding will be horrible. But it wasn’t.

Some feedings were particularly stressful (especially in the first week) and I did find nursing to be very isolating. Early feedings took forever and Caelan was constantly falling asleep which was frustrating. But overall, it was much better than I had feared and I was kind of iffy on my decision to give it up when Caelan was 7 weeks old. I’m actually looking forward to getting another shot at nursing with baby girl. I still plan to incorporate bottle/formula feeding early on, but now that I know partial weaning may be an option, I’m definitely going to keep that in mind.

In about 3.5 months we’ll have a 2 year old and a newborn. I don’t think I have any assumptions about how that’s going to go! I have plans and ideas, sure, but I’m flexible. We’ll go with whatever works for us (which is, I think, the #1 thing I have learned about parenting so far).


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