Project Big Boy Room: Where are we?

It’s a good question. After making a lot of progress on the room including a trip to the dump and a couple pick ups by Purple Heart, we kind of stalled out. Getting rid of the stuff we didn’t need/want anymore was the easy part. Now we are left with the things we want to keep, but since we can no longer keep them in this room, we needed to find other places in the house to keep them.

The thing is…those things were in this room in the first place because we couldn’t find a place for them anywhere else in the house. Mountains of CDs? Sure, we should rip them, but do you know how long it would take to rip hundreds of CDs? Bill’s old motorcycle jacket? He wants to keep it, but where? My old child-sized mug with my name on it, along with a personalized spoon that I think my mom sent away to Cheerios for when I was little. Gotta keep those, but where?? Then there’s the dresser we still can’t figure out what to do with…

Even as I write this I’m finding that I can’t remember specifically what else is in there that I need to deal with. That leads me to believe that whatever it is, I really don’t need. But I’ll go in there tonight and think, oh that…yeah I need to keep that. Thank God we have an attic, although I hear it’s getting full. I try to avoid going up there myself due to my irrational fear that there may be bats up there. (I know, I’m crazy.)

While we have been stalled out and not sure what to do with all this stuff, I just went ahead and bought all the new things we needed for Caelan’s room as if we had already figured it out. I’ve got curtains, a bedding set, sheets, fabric drawers, canvas wall hangings, and a family of vinyl elephants all ready to go. I even have paint chips on the wall and hopefully I’ll be able to choose a color this week.

For now, here’s another preview pic…



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