Classics – Macaroni and Cheese


I rarely blog about non-dessert foods, but I have to make an exception. I finally found it – my go-to macaroni and cheese recipe!

I’m sure my parents will find the irony of this post amusing. I’ve always been a lover of macaroni and cheese, and even as an adult, it’s my favorite food. But when I was a kid, I’d only eat mac & cheese from the blue box – none of that homemade stuff!! While I still eat (and love) mac & cheese from the blue box regularly, I have also come to appreciate homemade mac & cheese. Caelan also loves mac & cheese (“mac-oni en deez” as he says) so there is no question that he’s my child.

I’m something of a purist, I suppose, when it comes to mac & cheese. Sure, you could fancy it up with any number of things, but I like the classic. I got this recipe from Annie’s Eats which is often the first place I look for any recipe. I normally halve the recipe (as seen in the photo above) and that usually serves about 6-8 people.

Please check out the recipe on Annie’s site, but here are a few notes:

  • The sauce includes chicken broth, which is a little unusual, but I plan to substitute vegetable broth next time so my veggie sister won’t have to miss out!
  • I have substituted skim milk for regular milk, which is usually a risk in a sauce like this, but it worked out perfectly well!
  • The recipe calls for colby jack and cheddar cheeses. While I like colby jack, I find it a little too mild for mac & cheese, so I use all cheddar.
  • There will be a ridiculous amount of sauce because the idea is for it to bake into the partially under-cooked pasta in the oven. It is amazing!

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  1. Robin Black says:

    Yum, yum!

    On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 9:07 AM, Decorate This

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