Project Big Boy Room: Finally

The original goal was to be finished with this room by mid-May and get Caelan sleeping in there before his birthday on June 1st. Well…we missed that deadline by, oh about a month. There were some legitimate reasons for the delay, and some not so legitimate reasons, but now, FINALLY, it’s done.


We cleared the room out and painted it (Glidden’s “Quiet Rain”), and then slowly filled it with new furniture, bedding, and accessories. We bought a twin bed for Caelan with a plain metal frame and we added a headboard that I found at Target. It’s odd shopping for a mattress when it’s not for YOU to sleep on, but that did definitely simplify the process. The bedding is also from Target though this set has now been discontinued. The sheets and curtains are from Target too. I do love Target 🙂


The dresser is from the ever-popular Hemnes line from Ikea. I was originally planning on getting the 8 drawer chest for his room since we technically have the space for it, but in the end we decided to go for the 3 drawer chest instead. It’s actually the exact same dresser we have in the nursery, only that one is white. I love it – it’s nice and roomy (and half the price of the 8 drawer so that was a plus too!). We added a shelf above the dresser which is one of the few places that will be completely out of Caelan’s reach. The video monitor is mounted on the wall and we have a nice view of pretty much the entire room so we’ll know if he’s staying in bed or not!

The only other piece of furniture in this room is the “bookshelf”. I call it that for lack of a better word, and because we put books on it. I love these ClosetMaid Cubeicals shelves with their many coordinating fabric drawers. I also got this (and the drawers) at Target. Who’s surprised??


We were going for a “jungle animals” theme since Caelan is fond of jungle animals, especially elephants and monkeys. This is his room and we want it to reflect his interests (even as a 2 year old!) but since we’re also asking him to abandon both his crib and the only bedroom he’s ever known in favor of this new room, we want him to really love it. I thought the animals would help, and I really think they have.

I searched Etsy for some kind of affordable vinyl decal and ended up working with Etsy seller JustTheFrosting to customize this family of elephants. There are 4 of them and each one, by its size and color, represents a member of our family.


I found this set of 2 canvas prints on Amazon and since the colors and theme coordinated, I picked them up.


My parents gave Caelan this canvas height chart for his birthday and it fits in perfectly with the theme of his new room! I will retroactively add his 1 year and 2 year heights, but from now on we can measure him on this chart. I love that we can roll it up and take it with us whenever we move out of this house.


So that’s it! One big boy room done! Caelan started sleeping in there this past weekend. The transition is going well so far. He’s sleeping in there very well at night, though the first nap was a little difficult. But Caelan has never been a good napper so I didn’t have high expectations there anyway. Yesterday’s nap was great, so who knows. When he was in the nursery, we used to change his diaper and his clothes with him on the changing pad on the dresser but since we didn’t move that into the new room with him, we’re doing that whole routine on the floor. Right now it’s annoying because it takes 10 times longer since he’s constantly getting up and running away but hopefully we’ll all get used to the new routine soon.


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