35/35 And The Home Stretch

35/35 is a pregnancy milestone referring to being 35 weeks pregnant and having 35 days left until the due date. That’s where I was yesterday. About a month left to go, 5 weeks really, and I have no less than 7 doctor’s appointments in that time. One is an ultrasound where we will check again on baby girl’s size. She was tipping the scales at an estimated 6lbs 4 ozs (approximately 2lbs above average, >97th percentile) a week and a half ago, so we will see how she measures up next week.

The day I hit 35/35 when I was pregnant with Caelan, I made a cake and co-hosted my sister’s bridal shower. I remember feeling good (marshmallow feet notwithstanding). This time around…it varies day by day. This pregnancy has been harder and more symptomatic than my pregnancy with Caelan but still, overall, it hasn’t been too bad. Except for the whole being due in the dead of summer thing. Ugh.

The last month of pregnancy is a lot of hurry up and wait, in my experience. It’s reasonable that the baby could arrive anytime during these last few weeks so I feel like I need to be ready for her NOW, but hopefully she’ll hang in there another few weeks. She’ll be “full term” at the end of this month, so just 2 weeks away.

I go back and forth between being in denial and being very aware about just how fast these last few weeks will go by. Since we’ve been focused on Caelan’s new room for the past few months, we’ve done very little to prepare for baby girl’s arrival. But now that Caelan is all moved into his new room, I switched gears this week and started working on the nursery. There’s not a whole lot to be done in there – it kind of just needs to be “reset”. When it’s all ready to go, I’ll post some pictures 🙂

Other than getting the room ready, there isn’t too much to do. I’ll get our hospital bag packed (which I keep threatening to do) and Bill will install the car seats and get some of the gear down from the attic. I have a bin of Caelan’s infant clothes to go through and I should probably pick up some diapers and set up the mini Pack N Play. It’d be really nice to get the rest of the house cleaned up so that it won’t be such a wreck when people come over to visit after the baby is here, but I am rapidly running out of energy. That’s another reason I feel like I need to get these things done NOW – the longer I wait, the less chance things will actually get done!


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