The Nursery is Done (Again)

It’s hardly worth doing a whole post on the nursery since we barely did anything new in there, but we did switch a few things out and added a few things that are a bit more girly than what was in there before. But all the same furniture is in there, the same paint, same curtains, etc. I’ll show you what we DID do in pictures, shall I?





Caelan has a letter on the door to his room…


I made one for baby girl too, but since we are keeping her name under wraps until she arrives, I haven’t put it up yet 🙂

Also, for those of you who have heard me complain about pink and are noticing that there are some pink things in the nursery, let me clarify 🙂 I’m not completely against pink. Pink is okay (particularly dark pink) but my issue is when EVERYTHING is pink. I was browsing a website for birth announcements the other day and EVERY girl option was pink. Seriously people, there are other colors!

Anyway, there’s the nursery! And in other baby preparedness updates…our hospital bag is finally packed and so is Caelan’s overnight bag (though neither made it into the car yet), the mini Pack N Play is set up, the infant car seats are installed, and we’re stocked up on teeny tiny diapers. Basically, we’re as ready as we’ll ever be and are taking bets on when baby girl will arrive. Bill thinks next week 😯


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