Caelan Conversations, Part 3

Caelan’s stuffed elephant is in the kitchen and we’re in the living room…

CAELAN: The elephant is eating breakfast.

SARAH: Oh really? What’s he eating?

CAELAN: Um, kitty cats.

SARAH: He’s eating kitty cats for breakfast??

CAELAN: Yeah. I go watch him.

[Caelan runs off to the kitchen. I hear whispering and spy on Caelan feeding the elephant cat food. Caelan then returns to the living room.]

SARAH: Is he still eating?

CAELAN: [runs to check] You still eating, elephant? [runs back to me] Yeah.

CAELAN: [runs back to the kitchen] You all done, elephant? Okay. [Grabs him by the trunk and runs out of the kitchen]


In the car…

CAELAN: It’s hot!

SARAH: That’s because it’s Summertime.

CAELAN: No, it’s MY time. It’s Caelan Time.

(He has a friend named Summer – I assume he thought I was talking about her!)


As we’re leaving the house for dinner, Caelan reaches the door and turns back to me…

CAELAN: You comin’, hon?


While Bill is getting Caelan ready for bed…

BILL: What do giraffes eat?

CAELAN: Um, diapers!


CAELAN: I want to watch dinosaurs, Mommy.

SARAH: Not right now, maybe later.

CAELAN: [leaves for a minute and comes back with my iPad] Here you go, Mommy. There’s dinosaurs in here.


SARAH: Come sit here with Mommy and baby sister.

CAELAN: Is she swimming?

SARAH: Yes, she’s swimming. (We’ve told Caelan that the baby “swims” in Mommy’s belly.)

CAELAN: Is she going to get out of the swimming pool?

SARAH: Yes, very soon!


I’m sitting in the kitchen with Caelan while he finishes his dinner. Bill is in the living room…

CAELAN: [calls to Bill] Whatcha doing, Daddy?

BILL: Relaxing.

CAELAN: Daddy laying down?

SARAH: No, he’s sitting in the chair.

CAELAN: [calling loudly to Bill] No standing on the couch, Daddy!!

BILL: Okay buddy!


BILL: Can you say Van Halen?

CAELAN: Van Caelan.


CAELAN: I’m putting my [fruit puree] pouch in time out.

SARAH: You’re putting your pouch in time out? What did it do?

CAELAN: It hit Jake.


2 Responses to Caelan Conversations, Part 3

  1. Nancy says:

    I never get tired of hearing these! More to come soon, as I expect Caelan will have lots to say about baby sister!

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