Caelan Conversations, Part 4

Caelan and I are in the kitchen where there is an invisible monster (apparently)

CAELAN: You sit in time out.

SARAH: Who is in time out?


SARAH: Me?! What did I do?

CAELAN: You knocked over the monster.


SARAH: You’re cute.

CAELAN: I’m not cute, I’m Caelan!


CAELAN: What’cha doing, Daddy?

DADDY: Relaxing.

The above repeats over and over and over again until he switches to me…

CAELAN: What’cha doing, Mommy?

SARAH: Sitting with Leah. What are you doing?

CAELAN: I’m crazy.


Caelan puts a napkin on his head…

CAELAN: It’s a nightcap!


SARAH: Caelan, do you want a snack?

CAELAN: Um, actually, I’m going to get the dustbuster.


CAELAN: Come on Mommy and Daddy and Leah! It’s apple sauce time!


CAELAN: Mommy, can I have your pen for a minute?

SARAH: No, you don’t need a pen.

CAELAN: Mommy, we need to share. We need to share pens.


BILL: See you later, alligator. After awhile, crocodile.

CAELAN: Crocodile? [looks around] Where is the crocodile?


SARAH: How about meatballs, tater tots, and broccoli for dinner? And you can have some ketchup, too.

CAELAN: No, I no like ketchup.

I make his dinner and put ketchup on the plate anyway because he loves ketchup.

CAELAN: [seeing the plate] No, I no like ketchup, remember??


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