Meet Train

I feel like that title should be Meet Virginia. Meet Virginia? Train? Anyone?


This Christmas season, we’re starting the Elf on the Shelf. The premise is, Santa sends out these scout elves who hang out in your house and watch over your kids and then report back to Santa at night about whether they were naughty or nice. Each morning, the elf is in a new location in the house and the kids have to find him/her. There’s a book that goes along with the elf that explains the whole thing.

Our elf’s name is Train. The kids have to name him which is why ours has such an interesting one. The concept of a name is a little lost on Caelan, but it still works and it’s actually kind of awesome.

I will admit that the elf is a little creepy. I know there are a lot of haters out there. But whatever. Adults think it’s creepy, but kids don’t! Caelan loves looking for him every morning. Train isn’t very fancy, he mostly just finds a new perch each day but he did bring the kids their new Christmas pajamas this year. And one morning we caught him snacking on Christmas cookies. He may have one or two more tricks up his sleeve before Christmas is here. Don’t hate.







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